INAV системаINAV системаINAV система


GPComS NET LTD is an innovative company, which offers a great number of navigation services based on the advanced communication devices with build-in 3D inertial systems. GPComS NET LTD is interested in the development and integration of transportation logistic systems, such as iNAV , which allow fast and favourable decisions of the complex transportation tasks. The proposed navigation systems conduct to the better resource planning, transportation cost reduction and improvement of the transportation services due to the accurate and timely information of the traffic state.

GPComS NET LTD also offers different types of digital inertial systems for control, monitoring and vibration analysis of the dynamic or rotating devices and equipment in the field of the mechanical engineering, chemical industry and transportation. The digital inertial systems are based on the three axes digital output linear accelerometers and one axis angular rate sensors (gyroscopes). The installed digital inertial sensors are produced according to the surface-micromachining process and could be programmed to meet the specific requirements of the controlled equipment. The PC based software is also included to display and analysis of the inertial data.