INAV системаINAV системаINAV система

GPComS NET company

GPComS NET LTD is an innovative company, which offers a great number of navigation services based on the advanced communication devices with build-in 3D inertial systems. GPComS NET LTD is interested in the development and integration of transportation logistic systems, such as iNAV , which allow fast and favourable decisions of the complex transportation tasks.

The proposed navigation systems conduct to the better resource planning, transportation cost reduction and improvement of the transportation services due to the accurate and timely information of the traffic state.

The iNAV system conducts to the enhanced control of the vehicles by means of:

  • Real – time tracking of the moving objects and position display on the vector or
    satellite map;
  • Speed limitation control;
  • Driving style control;
  • Remote monitoring
    of the system parameters;
  • Optimization of the transportation traffic;
  • Reception of the alarm