INAV системаINAV системаINAV система


The iNAV module is designed on the basis of a GPS/GPRS modem and allows collecting, processing, visualization and detailed analysis of the moving object data via GPS receiver and transmission through a GPRS channel allowing control and operational decision making. The collected data are stored in a database, which is stored and displayed as a computer map on the user monitor screen through an internet connection.

The module has a build-in MMC/SD card to store and transmit the navigation data to the database server. The iNAV module may be additionally equipped with a 3D inertial system to monitor the moving object. It is capable to receipt of the alarm state (thefts or accidents) and allows an advanced track analysis (speed, X,Y,Z - accelerations, track statistics, precarious driving style, etc.) to improve the route safety and security. The system is designed to establish real-time control of the special cargo or real-time protection against unauthorized object access.


Active tracking device:
  • Power supply voltage: 5÷30V
  • Average consumption: 45mA @ 12V
  • Maximum consumption: ≤500mA @ 12V (depending on the coverage of the GSM network)
  • Work temperature range: -30 ÷+75°С
  • Humidity: 90% (no condense)
  • Size: 94.5x63.2x28mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 160g
  • Additional functions
    • SMS support
    • FTP data transmission
    • Send Email

GPS receiver

  • Receiver sensitivity: -159dBm (indoor usage)
  • SIRFStar III chipset
  • Refresh rate: 1Hz
  • Cold start 42s; warm start 38s; hot start 1s
  • 200 000 effective correlations
  • 20 channel processing
  • GPS NMEA 0183 data format
  • Positioning precision: 3÷10m

GSM module

  • Quadband range 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Maximum output power
    • Class 4 [2W] @ 850/900MHz
    • Class 1 [1W] @ 1800/1900MHz
  • Consumption
    • Off mode: <26µА
    • Standby mode: <4mA
    • Work mode: 70mA(average)/270mA (max)
    • GPRS class 10: 500mA (max)
  • Receiver sensitivity
    • -107dBm @ 850/900MHz
    • -106dBm @ 1800/1900MHz

Inertial sensor

  • Sensitivity: 1mg (±2g range), 3mg (±6g range)
  • Linear acceleration range: ±2g; ±6g (programmable)
  • Maximum output data rate: 40 ÷ 2560Hz (programmable)
  • Bandwidth: 10 ÷ 640Hz (programmable)
  • Active axis: X,Y,Z
  • Integrated HPF (highpass filter)
  • Free-fall and direction detection modes