INAV системаINAV системаINAV система

real-time control and monitoring of moving objects

The iNAV logistic system foundations are based on the necessity of fast and economic solution of the logistic transportation problems in the cities.

INAV система

The system purposes are connected with the collection of the accurate information of the object position and state. It is also capable of a real time tracking thanks to the integrated GPS/GSM device in the moving objects. This circumstance allows collecting, processing, visualization and detailed analysis of the moving object data. The combination of the vector and satellite maps with the detailed position information guaranties the adequate and quick response of the tracking problems. The integrated 3D inertial sensor allows more complex analysis such as brake system status, vibrations, risky driving, etc., which prevent the transportation accidents. The iNAV system conducts to the enhanced control of the vehicles by means of:

  • Real – time tracking of the moving objects and position display on the vector or satellite map;
  • Speed limitation control;
  • Driving style control;
  • Remote monitoring of the system parameters;
  • Optimization of the transportation traffic;
  • Reception of the alarm state.

The iNAV system allows overcoming the transportation problems of the modern cities, which are connected with the transport irregularity and traffic jam. The installed iNAV system proposes a transportation cost reduction due to the accurate and timely information of the traffic status. The system advantage consists in the integrated SIRFIII based GPS receiver, quadband GSM modem and 3D inertial sensors, which allows building motor vehicle event data recorder (MVEDR). The MVEDR collects, records, stores and exports data related to motor vehicle pre-defined events, so MVEDR is turned into the standard automotive system, which storage protocol is described at IEEE P1616.

System configurations