INAV системаINAV системаINAV система


Basic configuration (passive tracking and offline analysis)
The basic configuration is based on the GPS receiver and includes the build-in MMC/SD card to collect the navigation data. The stored data could be transferred to PC via serial interface or USB for further processing and analysis. The system is useful for offline control and monitoring of the moving objects. The system may be equipped with an optional inertial system with build-in three axis linear accelerometer and one axis gyroscope, which allows more complex analysis such as brake system status, vibrations, risky driving, etc., which prevent the transportation accidents.

INAV система

Classical configuration (active tracking and real-time analysis)
The classical configuration is based on the advanced GPS receiver and GSM modem to transmit the navigation data to the database server via GPRS services. The collected navigation data are processed in an internal microprocessor module and are stored in the build-in MMC/SD card for further processing and analysis. Some network parameters also may be stored such as GSM signal strength and GPRS coverage according to the client specifications. The system is capable to monitor external sensors and devices, may drive additional communication equipment like Bluetooth modules and send the data via integrated RS232 serial port or USB connection.

INAV система

GPS/INS configuration (active tracking and object motion control)
The GPS/INS configuration is based on the classical configuration with 3D inertial system with build-in linear accelerometer. In this case the inertial data are also transmitted to the database server and are stored in the build-in MMC/SD card for control and monitoring of the moving object. The 3D inertial system is capable to receipt of the alarm state (thefts or accidents) and allows an advanced track analysis (speed, X,Y,Z - accelerations, track statistics, precarious driving style, etc.) to improve the route safety and security. The system is designed to establish real-time control of the special cargo or real-time protection against unauthorized object access.

INAV система