INAV системаINAV системаINAV система

Digital inertial module (INS) for 3D vibrational analysis (3D accelerometer only)

Module specifications:

The digital inertial module is designed for linear acceleration or vibration measurements, which are typically caused by machine misalignment and unbalance. The sensor includes a sensing element and an IC interface able to take the information from the sensing element and to provide the measured acceleration signals to the external world through an I2C/SPI serial interface. The inertial module may be connected to the sensor network due to the implemented RS485 interface, which allows multipoint vibration measurements. The integrated three 12-bit ΣΔ ADC (analog-to-digital converter), one for each axis, and low noise capacitive amplifier conduct to the high sensitivity, low power consumption and high speed output data rate.

INAV система

Module specifications:

  • Power supply voltage: +5V
  • Absolute maximum power supply voltage: +6V
  • Current consumption: 4mA @ 5V
  • External interface: RS485 (half duplex)
  • Data baud rate: 250kbps (max 1.25Mbps)
  • Work temperature: -40 ÷ +85 °С

Inertial sensor specifications:

  • sensitivity: 1mg (±2g range), 3mg (±6g range)
  • linear acceleration range: ±2g; ±6g (programmable)
  • maximum output data rate: 40 ÷ 2560Hz (programmable)
  • bandwidth: 10 ÷ 640Hz (programmable)
  • active axis: X,Y,Z
  • integrated HPF (highpass filter)
  • free-fall and direction detection modes