INAV системаINAV системаINAV система

Digital inertial module for angular rate measurements (gyroscope only)

Module specifications:

The digital module is designed for angular rate measurements of different types of vibration or rotation processes. The integrated digital angular rate sensor distinguishes with high sensitivity (0,244°/s/LSB), low noise level (0,10°/s/√Hz rms), wide angular rate range (±300о/s) and integrated temperature sensor. The digital angular rate module may be connected to sensor network due to implemented RS485 interface which allows angular rate measurements at different points of the studied object.

INAV система

Angular rate module specifications:

  • Power supply voltage: +5V
  • Absolute maximum power supply voltage: +6V
  • Current consumption: 10mA @ 5V
  • External interface: RS485 (half duplex)
  • Data baud rate: 250kbps (max 1.25Mbps)
  • Work temperature: -40 ÷ +85°С

Angular rate sensor specifications:

  • Sensitivity: ≤8 LSB/о/s
  • Angular rate range: ±300о/s
  • Bandwidth: 40Hz
  • Active axis: Z
  • Build-in temperature sensor